From Where I Sit – Observation 3

This is a series of musings from my big leather (really broken-in – to the point of broken-down) chair.



  • “Real artists ship.” Steve Jobs made this statement to an engineer who was holding onto a code, rather than making it available so that a product could be released. Walt Disney put it this way: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Far too often, we find ourselves waiting on the moment of inspiration, or even worse, waiting for the fully developed idea to come along before we launch out into the unknown. Occasionally, inspiration may come to the idle, but my experience is that it most often comes in the midst of the process. So, even if you only have a couple of small pieces of the puzzle, start fitting them together. Go ahead – just start. I once read a cup at Starbucks that said, “you call yourself a writer… what have you written today?” Well… um… what have you written today?

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